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Indoor levels of pollutants may be two to five times higher than outdoor  levels. Poor air quality ranks as one of the top five enviromental  risks to public health. Duct cleaning an sanitizing helps clean the  air in your home by reducing particals (from the air passing thru the  duct work) that can contribute to poor air quality, and maintain proper  air flow with less retrictions an larger volume. 

Our Team


Dave's Duct Cleaning  is a family run buisness
Dave is a sheet metal mech, H,V,A,C Tech, Jana has  experiance in buisness an sanitzing. John also is a licensed sheet metal mechanic


All Duct cleaners are not equal, customers should not hire on price alone as the saying goes, (you get what you pay for)

For a average home 1200 to 2000 sq ft with avg 12- 18 registars we will be 2-3 hrs which is what it takes to do a good job.


September 16  2012


Daves  Clean-air Solutions completes its 1st home duct clean  

5 May 2014


Clean-air Solutions celebrates its 200th duct clean 

January 1st 2015


Daves Heating an Cooling will celabrate 

10yrs in buisness

What Clients Say About Us

Harvey Hill, Town of Blue Mountains

“Dave's duct cleaning  did a absolute wonderfull job we expressed our  concerns of pet hair from the previos owners  as our children have  alergys. The home smelled better enen before they finished an after they  sanitized our home smelled fresh an clean.  We won’t use anyone else. 

Jill Smithwick, Owen Sound

“I've used other services before it was nice having a women on the team  making my wife feel much more comtertable then having strange men  running thru the house  Jana did a great job cleaning the grills.!”